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LTS has continuously worked to establish itself as a leader in the high end property refurbishment market. Our team of highly skilled professionals, and carefully selected subcontractors, work with our management team to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.


Using our extensive knowledge of specialist building materials, we have developed a reputation as one of the leaders in period refurbishment and restoration. This coupled with our passion for architecture and design, means that LTS has firmly established itself at the top of this very competitive market.


To each project we bring a personal and tailored approach, ensuring that we have the right people in place to deliver results that our client’s expect. Our management team works closely with our onsite project teams providing support, guidance and additional expertise to achieve outstanding results. We know the importance of delivering the highest standards of quality and we strive for perfection in everything we do.



Our approach is simple - achieve the highest quality standards possible. At every stage of every project we do our best to ensure excellence and we only work with carefully chosen subcontractors who match our values and quality expectations.

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We believe that a well organised team is the key to a successful job. So, we allocate a director of LTS to every project. We establish and develop communication and procedural systems that are tailored to the individual project, exchanging information and drawings with designers and contractors on a daily basis. Each project is carefully planned and programmes are drawn up for both pre construction and construction activities. These include timeline charts with progress reports built in so that you are kept up-to-date. 



Managing your budget is key and we place a great deal of focus on cost management across all aspects of the project. We are, of course, experienced with tendering and procuring specialist materials and craftsmen for jobs of all sizes and keeping associated costs in check.

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Many of our projects involve extensive structural alterations; transforming properties into new exciting, functional spaces 


The structural phase of a project can be the initial and most challenging phase of the works. We are well equipped to undertake challenging structural works, safely and efficiently. We have extensive experience in demolition, underpinning, building basements, and structural alterations to existing building fabrics, as well as working in historic buildings.


Our ethos of providing quality means we only use the services of our trusted partners the very best specialist structural and groundwork subcontractors in our sector.